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Our Programs are three-fold, namely:

(1) WASH Activities - which include: Community Engagements & Water Well Drilling, (2) Medical Relief Outreach Clinics, and (3) Job Skills Training.

Check out program videos that answer most of the questions related to our vision and mission on our YouTube Channel at asonze52 - here:

Relief Network Mission - Vision and Strategy Video


Hygiene Promotion


We teach health hygiene for physical health as well as heart hygiene for spiritual health using Biblical concepts. We demonstrate the love of Christ the living water by sharing the gospel as we have the opportunity to work with school children, women, and other adults in the community concerned about water access and safety. 

Water & Sanitation Impact

​The goal of our water sanitation training is to help beneficiaries change their habits and behaviors: for example, washing hands properly before handling food; and washing hands after contact with others outside, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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