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2022 In Review- On-Going & Finished Projects


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We've had a phenomenal year with record successes despite the initial disappointments on three deep well failures due to bad faith judgment of the contracted driller for those 3 deep wells since our deep well rig operator was no longer with the ministry, and security issues limited other plans.

We also lost our SE team program manager in Q3. He passed away due to high blood sugar and high BP which were ill-managed by the local hospital and his doctor's office. His death also impacted our production for the year.  


We started 2022 with unfinished work or carryovers from the previous year. These were a deep well in the South of Nigeria, and a few pending well requests in Benue State / Central Nigeria - some were direct requests from Churches while others were for new Church plants by other partner organizations in need of our help to get some wells done for them. 

  • Of the 18 Rehabs identified, 9 have been done

  • New wells: 3 Shallow wells are done, and 2 deep well projects are still ongoing. 3 deep wells in Benue, and 3 in Imo/Abia remain as budgeted for 2022. 4 to 6 more shallow wells remain for 2022 if the budget goal is met by end of the 2022 GALA. 

  • WASH & Well Site visits for Hygiene training: average of 2 per month or 16 projects 

By December of 2021 we had implemented 20 projects, (not including any of our partners) as follows:

  • 6 Deep wells in the South - Umuahia area, Abia State

  • 2 Deep wells in the North Central - 1 at Markurdi (The IDP - refugee camp; and the 2nd at a large Orphanage School in Otukpo - Benue State.

  • 2 Other deep wells in UTALI - Abia State; and 2 others in Imo State - at ORLU and IDEATO areas. These wells were drilled but not to the specs contracted for, therefore they produced little water with one as a dry hole and the drilling contractor absconded. 

  • 4 Shallow wells in the South - for Schools & Churches 


In addition to the new well projects - we implemented:

  • 9 well Rehabilitations with 4 in the South WPA (Work Program Area)- and the rest in Benue State.

  • All the Rehab wells were done for either a Church School, a public school, or community Market Square where people gather often to transact business. 

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We do our work through 3 partnership charities and ministries in India. The focus is on Orphans and widow care in particular with the goal of poverty reduction and relief aid.

As such we have done job-skills training and provided 20 sewing machines to 20 graduates from a tailoring skills training school conducted by CH Jayamma ministries as part of 20th Anniversary year in 2021. 

On several occasions when natural disaster strikes, we also extend our resources and encourage our donors and volunteers to support the outreach in order to bring some relief aid to the "least of these". (Matthew 25:40-45)

We have also provided a number water access points closer home in some villages to ensure that women and children do not have to walk more than 1 mile to access domestic water.


In India, we've been doing collaborative work by helping provide finances and guidance to ensure food and supplies (like winter blankets, clothes) are provided to care and support the Orphans and Widows at these three locations over the past 2-3 years in India. Recent Monsoon rains caused a lot flood havoc for the poor.

Rapid Respons with CH Jayama ministries to the flood victims:

Our Work in focuses more on the Orphanage and Widow care ministries. But when a massive flood and erosion devastes the poor in rural communities, we respond as much as possible with available resources to support our local partners that demonstrating the love of Christ to their neighboors that are less fortunate by buying lots of food, vegitables and other typical resources that will sustain the victims for some time, including clothings for those whose little properties and shelters have been ravaged or distroyed by the monsoon rainfall.

They traveled about 100 Km from their base to reach out to the flood victims that had their homes literally washed away.

















Be a Water Relief Ambassador or advocate.

RNM will occasionally award some special certificate or plaques of recognition for outstanding contributions from partners / volunteers, or give token gifts in appreciation of committed partner / volunteer support.

Above all, we believe the greatest reward can only be given by the Lord we serve or labor to honor. Heb.6:10; and that " whom much is given, much is also required" Luke 12:48

Partner & Volunteer Recognition Awards 

The recognition and prestige of being a Relief Advocate - one that champions the cause, put our volunteers in great light in social and religious circles as genuine humanitarians and true philanthropists.

For partners and volunteers who make it to the mission trips, or participate in the lead role in local fundraising drives that generate over $5,000 in revenues and gifts, you become recognized at our next Annual Gala as a Relief Ambassador.


To Fundraise and achieve your Relief Ambassador recognition at the next October 28, Gala share the "Donate" button link above and have your friends and family select or use the Special Projects menu option to make their donation. 

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