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RNM is a 501 (c)(3) Faith-Based Non-Profit organization founded in March 2001 in League City Texas with a Mission to help end the Water Crisis in West Africa. 

The over-arching goal in our vision and mission that helps establish our founding charter is to significantly reduce the cycle of poverty and disease attributable to the water crisis.


















Our 2016-2021 Strategic Plan


Helping communities create sustainable water, sanitation, hygiene, and Christian witness programs in partnership with local churches is just the best way we've found to do that. Why? Because the water crisis affects poverty, women, health and education—and for us it's a spiritual issue.


Some 680 million people lack access to an improved source of drinking water—that's 1 in 9 of us globally, and 5 in 9 in Afriica. In the places we work in West Africa, it's more like 1 in 2.

Great progress is being made globally, but whole people groups are being overlooked—it's the poorest people with the least political power that continue to suffer, and these are the people we are called to serve.



Mission & Objectives RNM is committed to addressing the need to remove conditions that lead to abject poverty, disease and ill health, especially among children and women; inadequate skills leading to low productivity & development in targeted communities.


The broad strategic mission of RNM is to work through specific faith based community-driven project efforts to meet the needs of impoverished communities particularly in developing countries, rural areas, and inner cities.This helps RNM target the socio-economic problems associated with the family & human sufferings, especially in 3rd world countries and our inner cities.


Our ultimate mission therefore is to touch lives for Christ & eternity. In addition, RNM aims to minister to urban drug addicts, alcohol abusers and battered women / teenage mothers who desire to be helped through RNM’s faith based approach.


Any religion that professes to be concerned with the souls of men and is not concerned with the slums that damn them, the economic conditions that strangle them, and the social conditions that cripple them is a dry-as-dust religion.”

– Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.


The objectives of the organization focus on ways to alleviate the adverse consequences of poverty and illiteracy, such as poor hygienic standards and inadequate skills for gainful employment. Often the poor find themselves in places with unsanitary drinking water or portable domestic water, especially in Africa & the 3rd world.


In the process, we seek to mobilize community support for development initiatives such as drilling and maintaining water wells, providing skills acquisition / training sessions especially in computer technology, and deploying our diagnostic medical tool called TROPIX in rural Clinics and Health Care Centers. 



Make Water Crisis History, Donate Now

In The News:



Add a brief info on rig shipment and delivery to Niger...
December 12, 2015


Our 501 (c)(3) Status

Registration in Nigeria

RNM Annual Reports

Our Annual Reports provide a quick overview of our accomplishments against our mission and goals. Read it now

February 28, 2016

IRS 990 Filings

Presents our prior year Tax-Exemption Reports.

2014 Form 990

2013 Form 990

2012 Form 990 

​Our Staff & Volunteers


RNM has 10 staff team members in the field in Nigeria, with about 4 of working on part-time basis. Nigeria staff teams are organized into two groups: North and South teams. 


Photos below: Top Left: South Team - Pastor Sylvanus Duruoha (Rig / Team manager & Orality), Chioma Osonma (WASH Coordinator - National), Joy Osuji (Asst. WASH Coord./ Office Admin), Ifeanyi Alili - Rig / Water Truck Driver; Nduka - Rig Operator; Rear: Maduubuike Esemonu - contract driller; Pastor Precious Osuji (Orality); Squarted: Sunday Odetoye (Rig Opertor - North team).

Photo on Top Right: L-R: Engr. Moses Aende - Orality National Coord / Board of Trustee member; Serah Aende - WASH Asst. Coord.; Sunday Odoteyo; Dr. A. Sunny Okorie; Surriya Sharjeel - WASH Asst., and Sharjeel Shakeel (Rig / Equipment Engineering & Maintenance Manager)  

Photos Bottom Left: Fiza Khan - Volunteer/ Intern; Vaneeza Ochi-Okorie - Volunteer / Intern; Saima Okorie (Admin Support); Walid Khan -Volunteer / Intern (IT)

Photo Bottom Right: Medical Mission Volunteers with: Dr. Stuart Quartermont, MD; Dr. Farid Noie (Dentist / Oral Surgeon), and Dr. Nkiru Grace-Nwachukwu (Optometrist) 





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