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What Donors & Partners Do

Simply put - donors & partners make an Impact. 

They want to solve the same problems we're facing, they have a passion or empathy for the cause we're pursuing.


Donors give generously, often. They understand the heart-beat of Christ from Matthew 24:33-46 - about giving a cup of cold water to the thirsty, feeding the hungry, visiting the prisoner, providing shelter to naked and homeless.


Partners commit to heroic mission of scale - and are committed for the long haul to solve or eliminate a problem that is the cause or part of it. They do philanthropy - build capacity, take risks, transform lives... until the job gets done. They also understand what it means to "deal your bread to the hungry" (Isaiah 58:7)- not once, not twice, but to take the time while dealing your bread to equip them with the right tools and mindset to go and begin catching the fish for themselves as soon as they get their "Ahah moment".


RNM donors and partners are therefore our greatest change agents that are in the business of helping the organization provide beneficiaries access to clean domestic water; give medical relief, and job or life skills that make a difference in their lives. 


Donors & Partners engage on our platform to help bring transformation and make significant impact on the lives of 1000s of people in the places where we work using appropriate technology & skills transfer for Community Development.

We focus a lot on children and their primary health as well as women & the elderly.

Join me this #GivingTuesday & donate to Relief2035 to help eliminate Water Crisis in our generation & guarantee water security for all. #WaterCrisisRelief2035

Above all, we believe the greatest reward can only be given by the Lord we serve or labor to honor. Heb.6:10; and that " whom much is given, much is also required" Luke 12:48

Partner & Volunteer Recognition Awards

Some partners who desire to be recognized for their contributions may recieve recognition awards at our annual Gala, or periodically sponsored News Media submissions in local, Internet News Agencies under philanthropy and on other charitable acts media.

Generous Deeds that MAKE

A DIFFERENCE - Give Now to Keep the Water Flowing! 

The Clean Water Moment in Galmi area of Niger Republic - exciting indeed! 
Your Year-End giving ensures new 2020 solar & Water meter projects are started on time
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