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2018 In Review

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We've had a phenomenal year with record successes despite the initial disappointments on two deep well failures due to bad formation and underground water run-offs. In 2018 we did 28 water projects in 2 countries - consisting of 10 Rehabs and 18 new wells. We also surveyed some 22 new sites some of which we have already drilled successfully, and several more remaining to do as funds become available. Overall, we had some 350 professions of faith in Christ as we share the gospel with the living water. 

Below we summarize the projects by zones.


We started 2018 with unfinished work or carryovers from the previous year. These were a deep well in the South of Nigeria, and pending well requests for the MKAR Orphanage and several villages - some with new Church plants by other partner organizations in need of our help to get some wells done for them. 

By December of 2018 we had implemented 10 projects as follows:

  • 6 Deep wells in the South - Umuahia area, Abia State

  • 2 Deep wells in the North Central - 1 at MKAR (The Daniel Toups-Oliver Memorial Orphanage Well), near Gboko, and 1 in Abuja area

  • 2 Other deep wells in Abia / Ohafia area were abandoned due to water runoff issues

  • 2 Shallow wells in the South - for Schools 


In addition to the new well projects - we implemented:

  • 4 well Rehabilitations in the South WPA (Work Program Area)- Aba, some of which were dedicated in Memory of relatives of some of sponsors / board members, and in Honor of some partners who have distinguished themselves in International Missions.

  • All the Rehab wells were done for public schools. 

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In India, we've been doing collaborative work by helping provide finances and guidance to ensure food and supplies (like winter blankets, clothes) are provided to care and support the Orphans and Widows at these three locations over the past 2-3 years in India.

These partners and ministries are:

  1. PERAMPETA - led by Bro. John and Sis. CH Jayamma - they manage some 11 orphan kids, and 10 widows. The facility has a support Church in which their son - KUMAR and his wife, Harley serves, with some assistance from their daughter - PADMAJA THANDRA. They are located at: Jayamma Ministries, C/o Jayamma Chadalavada, PREAMPETA Village 534447, JANGAREDDIGUDEM, MANDALAM, West GODAVARI District, AP India. 

  2. CHEBROLE - led by John Babu - an Orphanage of some 17 kids and 7 widows, and a handicapped widower. His parents also run a Church at the location that houses the Orphans. They are located at: Christ Evangelical Ministries, House No. 5-133, CHEBROLE Post, UNGUTURU MANDAL, West GODAVARI, APS, INDIA.

  3. HYDERABAD - led by Rev. Moses Polyshetti - has about 20 Orphans (10 boys and 10 girls) and 100 widows under their care. He leads a small Baptist Church of under 200 members; with a Bible Training Institute, and ministers a lot to widows on a monthly basis and as needed with on-going grocery deliveries, job-skills training in their tailoring program for younger women, and the Computer skills training as funds become available. Two small Orphanage Homes exist presently to house these kids - one at the Church premises, and the other outside the Church location. 



Our Work in Niger focused in the GALMI - South - Central part of Niger. While we provide some technical and limited financial assistance to the Vie Abondante team in the NIAMEY area - West Niger, this report does not cover or include their independent work. The work in Niger has been funded mainly by a Sunday School Class - The Lamplighters' Class of a Baptist Church in Marietta, GA; FaithCity Church, and The Giles Family Foundation. 


We completed the following new wells and rehabs:

  1. SABONGUIDA - We drilled 6 new Wells in the SABONGUIDA town after visiting with their leaders and signing an MOU agreement about how they'd manage the wells and care for them afterwards - 1 at a School, 1 at their Local Government HQ, 2 in a Mosque / Market Square; 1 in a Church compound, and 1 in a Village Community of the SABONGUIDA town. The populations served by these wells is about 18,000 persons - plus their animals. 

  2. EROUFA - We also rehabilitated 6 wells that were drilled the previous year but were badly damaged and some vandalized - these were all solar panel and pump systems installed in a very rural and backward thinking village. Prior to the rehabs - we had engagements with the village leaders that led to an MOU agreement for caring for their wells.


Reasons for Safe Water

Clean Water helps prevent water borne-diseases, such as Typhoid fever, diarrhea, dysentery, and other abdominal worms in children and the adverse impact on their growth and development. We walk so they don't have to fetch unsafe dirty river water anymore for domestic uses.


When we volunteer to Walk 4 Water and raise funds:

  • we walk to keep them healthy and alive - since many kids under 5 years would die prematurely if they keep drinking dirty water

  • we walk so that kids can go to school and learn;

  • we walk 1 day a year so that kids and moms can stop walking for days and hours fetching unsafe water.

  • We walk so they can grow some food and vegetables near home all year round and be able to water their gardens - that's food security, and poverty reduction.

Safe water is just the beginning!

Partner & Volunteer Recognition Awards 

The recognition and prestige of being a Relief Advocate - one that champions the cause, puts our volunteers in great lights in social and religious circles as genuine humanitarians and true philanthropists.

For partners and volunteers who make it to mission trip, or participate in lead role in local fundraising drives that generate over $5,000 in revenues and gifts, you become recognized at our next Annual Gala as a Relief Ambassador.


To Fundraise and achieve your Relief Ambassador recognition at the next November Gala share the "Donate" button link above and have your friends and family select or use the Special Projects menu option to make their donation. 

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Be a Water Relief Ambassador or advocate.

RNM will occasionally award some special certificate or plaques of recognition for outstanding contributions from partners / volunteers, or give token gifts in appreciation of committed partner / volunteer support.

Above all, we believe the greatest reward can only be given by the Lord we serve or labor to honor. Heb.6:10; and that " whom much is given, much is also required" Luke 12:48

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