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Gala Fundraiser Oct. 23, 2021


All efforts for our board, partners and volunteers alike focus on our 20the Anniversary Gala to be held in Houston, Texas.

The plan is to have about 80-100 at the Gala banquet hall at the Marriott Hotel.


Partners and sponsors would help us get the tables all paid for before the event. Tickets will be sold at $100 per person for those interested in attending and being part of this milestone for the ministry. 


Finally, with precautions, about COVID-19 being observed... we shall limit the number of people in the hall and plan on bringing some part of the event Online via streaming.

As we near the begin the Fall season, would you help us finish the year strong with at least 20 new and rehab wells; plus Widow and Orphanage related work in Nigeria, India, and Pakistan that should continue as long as the needs exist:

  1. Complete our 20 water well projects target by Dec. 31, 2021 (new and rehab wells).

  2. Complete 2 Shallow wells in the Aba area and 1 more deep wells in Imo State, and 1 in BENUE.

  3. Build covered parking for our Rigs, Water truck, mud pumps, generator, tools, and drill pipes - with an estimated cost: $5000.

  4. Raise the next set of 20 Sewing machines for women being empowered for tailoring job skills

  5. Complete the roofing of Orphanage 2 - $750

  6. Provide for our Field staff of 15 and their families for Christmas- at about: $1500

  7. Provide and deliver Operations Christmas Gift Boxes with money to the 150 orphans and 60 widows we minister to in India and Nigeria: $2000 is the budget which means our target is $500 per Orphanage site.  

  8. Payoff our operating cash flow credit loan incurred overtime at about $11,500  


Please pray about what the Lord would have you give as we all celebrate our 20th year with lots of Thanksgiving in our hearts.

Give generously as unto the Lord; yes- give whatever you may be able to afford to help us finish well in 2021 - a certainly very challenging year!


In any case - please let me know how you'd like to help. Text me what you decide to give or contribute, including in-kind gifts are welcome. 

All gifts or contributions are tax-deductible under the IRS 501(c)(3) code. 

Looking forward to your continued support.

Great grace and peace. 


Dr. A. Sunny Okorie 


Purchase Tickets or Tables


20 Years of Accomplishments

Since our formation we’ve accomplished the following:

  • Directly drilled and responsible for commissioned 680 new water wells in 20 years mostly in sedimentary formations of the South and Central Northern Nigeria.

  • Trained & partially Equipped a team in Northern Central Nigeria that has drilled 320 new water wells in more consolidated formations using air hammer rig in the past 4 to 5 years

  • Trained and collaboratively Equipped the Niger Republic team under Vie Abundant Ministries that have also drilled & commissioned some 35 new water wells together in the past 3-4 years

  • Rehabilitated 220 existing water wells that were drilled by others or us, stopped working, or got damaged in various communities across Nigeria – from North/NE to the entire Southern parts of Nigeria.

  • Altogether, these water well projects [1235 wells] serve approximately 1.5m people in about 1000 Communities, Schools, and Medical Clinics with safe water within a mile from everyone’s home, school, or church.

  • In April-June 2021: we raised awareness for the need to empower indigent women/widows in India through job skills training, and we succeeded in raising funds to support the first set of 20 women graduates in the program as part of our 20th Anniversary milestone.

  • In addition, we’ve set up ongoing job-skills training for seamstresses along with a lending scheme for ensuring that each graduate gets a sewing machine plus water access within 1 mile from their home. The loan on each machine shall be repayable within 12 to 18 months from their date of graduation. The funds generated from the loan repayment will ensure business continuity with little additional support from abroad.

  • The first set of 20 machines have been donated to the first graduating class of 20 women blessed to be pioneers of record in our program. The next batch of 20 trainees will commence the program with the flexible loan option using the model loan scheme for ongoing training and equipping of these women through a locally managed loan scheme. New Sponsors are now needed for the next set of 20 new Sewing Machines for trained women/widows in India

  • Provided food & supplies to the 4 Orphanages in India (3) and Nigeria (2) in numbers.

  • Conducted 11 Medical Missions Outreaches, Community engagements & Church mobilizations in collaboration with a few local Church partners, and MMI (Medical Missions International, College Station, Texas)

  • Conducted some 450 Water Well Site Visits and WASH – Hygiene & Sanitation training with hand-wash demos in Schools, Churches, and Community centers.

  • We have also acquired 2 Workshop sites for eventual stationing, repairs, storage, and training of our personnel, and other local journeymen wishing to acquire job skills in the areas we have and offer capabilities such as drilling, pump repairs, solar panel installations, solar pump installations, water treatment, water quality testing, farm irrigation, sewing/tailoring, & health hygienist services. These workshops are located in:

    • Aba-PH Expressway, Aba in Abia State. This site has been fenced in with a gatehouse also constructed, and ready to receive some of our equipment once the State finishes the entrance road construction.

    • Captain Dawn’s Road by Yandev/BCC Junction in Gboko, Benue State

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