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Over the past 7 years, we have been connected and collaborating with the big NKST Orphanage at MKAR, Benue State. In 2021, we reached out to another Orphanage at OTUKPO, Benue State as well in Central North of Nigeria. In the South East, Orphan and Widow care work is done through collaborating Church partners as most orphans continue to live with relatives. 


Our focus for the kids - has been to ensure that the children are fed and given opportunity to attend school. For the women widows and men with  disabilities, we encourage our partners to provide them with food, and some skills in addition to any financial assistance or donation of resources such as clothing, blankets, etc. Two of these ministries do well with job skills training for the widows, and young women from very poor villages to encourage them to stay away from prostitution or other vice of men that exploit them. Skills training include: tailoring, pattern designs, and some computer skills when fully funded at $250 per month for trainer to coach several trainees. 

We share a few pictures of their activities and outreach here... 

03_10 Percent-25percentsize (2).jpg

+ Disease Transmission

+ Waste Disposal

+ Keeping water containers clean

+ Washing hands before eating

+ Good hygiene behaviors

+ Washing with running water

+ Using toilets or latrines

+ Clean hands, clean hearts


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