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I'm advocating water metering to bring transformations to African countries through public-private sector partnerships with NGOs like Relief Network Min. and Living Water International.

What's your thought - as we consider new innovative ways for this heroic mission of scale to end the water crisis by 2035.

Christians sacrifice to provide clean safe water & the Word (living water) in demonstration of the love of Christ to the needy poor. But when a well breaks down after the big investments from the drilling; the users (community) should pay to rehabilitate it by paying something in advance of the breakdown... and so, we must begin water metering - a PAYGU (Pay As You Use) system to correct our strategy towards ultimate water access for all by 2035.

Share your comments and views - write us a feedback.

+ Disease Transmission

+ Waste Disposal

+ Keeping water containers clean

+ Washing hands before eating

+ Good hygiene behaviors

+ Washing with running water

+ Using toilets or latrines

+ Clean hands, clean hearts

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