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Water And Sanitation Hygiene is a big part of our program. It begins with a well planned Community Engagement - a series of contacts with the community to access needs, conduct barrier analysis, use Orality methods for Christian Witness / gospel sharing; and access behavior changes post the implementation of a water solution or intervension to mitigate the crisis.

Great hygiene practices and behaviors begin once the basic lessons are learned. Some of the content our teach teaches are given in the bullet point paragraphs below.

Generally, the team will teach several of these lesson points, ask questions as to current habits, clarify points and make corrections. The learners get opportunity to contribute based on acceptable good behaviors and practices. The trainer will then work with the community to identify a Hygiene champion who will be like a trainer that we provide additional information or WASH resource for follow-up learning and teaching of others from their community or school who were not available during our team's site visit. Women with young children are great targets to particularly engaged and ensure they learn these lessons and get into the habit of practing and using the lessons learned in these WASH sessions.

+ Disease Transmission

+ Waste Disposal

+ Keeping water containers clean

+ Washing hands before eating

+ Good hygiene behaviors

+ Washing with running water

+ Using toilets or latrines

+ Clean hands, clean hearts


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