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A Summer In Africa 

Volunteer ramp-up on generosity: "Rumble in the Jungle" -

The trip journal with some details are here. 

Our Summer Missions - Mid-June to early July 2017 went well with several activities and events - namely

  • The well dedication of a Rehab Well at Mkar - NKST Church (at the Leprosy Colony), with 15 salvation declarations folllowing the hygiene and hand-wash training with some Christian Witness / Orality stories

  • The Medical Outreach to the GBOKO Community in which we treated about 300 Out-patients, did 1 minor surgery with some 25 professions of faith during the event

  • Visit to the IBOM Specialist Hospital for future collaboration and engagement of Dr. Stuart with some American doctors and support staff to bring credibility and revenue generation through Medical Tourism to save rich Nigerians the trouble of traveling abroad Vs going to a very well equipped local Hospital with State-of-the-arts equipment and medical experts at a much lower cost - all in collaboration with Ashdene Group, the Singaporean company in charge of the 2nd stage investments to complete the physical infrastructure development and ensure take to operation.

  • Meeting and visit to the AKWA IBOM State Government Rice Farm for water irrigation prospects with Solar Water Pumps along with our new Chinese Pump manufacturing partners - Soulary PUMPS.

  • Visits to 2 challenging deep well projects to help team resolve issues and complete the projects

  • Capacity Building meetings and staff development training and interactions, & praying Jabez's prayers

  • Survey trips to potential zones for Digital Water Metering

To see more trip pictures / video galleries - visit our Summer 2017 Mission Trip Album at this link.


Partner & Volunteer Recognition Awards

Some partners who desire to be recognized for their contributions may recieve recognition awards at our annual Gala, or periodically sponsored News Media submissions in local, Internet News Agencies under philanthropy and on other charitable acts media.

To Fundraise and achieve your Relief Ambassador recognition at the next November Gala continue to share the "Donate" button links on this page and have your friends and family select or use the Special Projects menu option to make their donation.

Our is Trip Journal here



Medical Outreach to the GBOKO Community

RNM held a Medical Missions Outreach in the North Central part of NIgeria in Gboko, Benue State in collaborations with Medical Missions Int’l led by Dr. Stuart Quartemont. The medical team from the USA consisted of Dr. Stuart, Dr. Fan - an Orthopedic Surgeon, and 2 others - Brian and Abrianna in support roles. They were assisted by the Nigerian medical team from a collaborating private Hospital - the Myom Hospital, Owner – Dr. Abrahim Ikperan. He provided staff and tools for the outreach to support the work. His assistant - Dr. Okeke, and another graduate young doctor were on hand to assist with outpatient consultations, along with the lab and triage team for vital signs.


This Summer - we met our Chinese Partners - manufacturers of SOULARY Solar Pumps as well as many different kinds of AC pumps to help them understand what it takes to do business in Nigeria and to understand the extent of the market with respect to the direct selling of pumps Online to Nigeria with RNM warehouse serving as the last point of delivery. Further, RNM will help to recruit or enroll other well contractors and pump retailers who wish to join the distribution agency to sell / use such pumps - AC and DC Solar in their projects.


Funds generated through RNM Pumps distributorship leadership in Nigeria and Niger will help the ministry build more capacity and help contractors / retailers have additional stream of income for their families.

PUMP Distributorship

To become a Pump distributor - send us an email through our Contact Us link for more details.

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