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Birthday Gift & Monthly HEROES

Fundraiser - 4 Water Crisis Relief



Join Us - As a Birthday Day Donor Club Member


Contribute a minimum of $30/month - that will give clean water to a family of 5 for a whole year. Get other friends and family members to join you and do the same for an ever-widening circle of love & Water for Life!

Here is how it works:

1. Birth Day Donor's Club

You register to become a member and donate all your birthday gifts during the months, weeks, or days leading up to your next birth date. 

  • You Fundraise for the Water Crisis Relief by asking your friends, family, and Church members to donate a minimum amount - say $10 towards our cause and ministry of Water Relief/Orphanage care in West Africa and India. You categorize your donation under "Special Projects" giving. 

  • You pledge to share about our cause, the website, or some stories about people living in the bottom billion with no access to clean water within 1 mile from their homes.

Click the "Register Now" button below to be Registered and to Join this campaign for clean water and poverty relief.

2. Monthly Donor's Club:

You want to commit to donating a minimum of $30 a month to the cause.

This budget donation will help us ensure that we keep the water flowing by:

  • Doing the needed well rehabilitations in communities where we work,

  • Doing periodic hygiene training to change behaviors and keep people healthy especially, in a pandemic; and

  • Drilling a few new water wells as we accumulate enough funds in excess of $3500 to drill a mid-to deep well and maintain our field equipment and service vehicles & tools.

You also pledge to tell a friend or family about our program at least 1 time every month as you give and pray for clean water to the bottom billion without access to safe water in our World.

So type in $30 in the Donation box below and click the "GO" button, it will bring up a form you will complete. Check the box that says:

"<<Make this a Recurring Donation"

Your donation still helps us continue to make progress in providing access to safe water in many of the communities that we can access with less risk getting there. 

You can also partner with us in feeding and caring for hundreds of Orphans and Widows in 3 locations in India, and 1 Orphanage in Nigeria. ​Please Donate today.

Volunteer with Us
Which days are you available?

Thanks for applying to volunteer with us! We'll get back to you soon.


Water Sanitation Hygiene is also a big part of global health in any Community. When the community health is threatened by strange water-borne emerging diseases or a viral infection that erupts, someone traveling in these parts of the World could very easily contract the disease, fly into New York or Houston, TX within 24-hours before the impact hits. The disease they incubate could quickly spread like Ebola within days of arriving in the USA - causing strange outbreaks that may be too hard to arrest before it wreaks havoc on too many precious lives.  Furthermore, communities, where law and order are absent, make it very difficult to conduct barrier analysis, use Orality methods for Christian Witness /gospel sharing, or access behavior changes from hygiene training and impact assessment post the implementation of a water solution and intervention to mitigate the water crisis.

+ Disease Transmission

+ Waste Disposal

+ Keeping water containers clean

+ Washing hands before eating

+ Good hygiene behaviors

+ Washing with running water

+ Using toilets or latrines

+ Clean hands, clean hearts

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