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Fundraiser Nov 2020


Despite the on-going battle with Covid19 pandemic, we continue to make progress in our ministry programs. 


Last month we finished a deep well in ORLU in Imo State near the public market and motor transit park that will serve over 4500 persons daily. We’ve also repaired and Rehabilitated some six existing Old wells. Mid July, the UGUN IGUEBEN well drilled last year got a new Grundfos Solar pump and panels upgrade during the rehab; and is our biggest Community project today powered by a Solar pump. 

Last week, We also conducted 4 new prospective well sites Surveys in 2 States in Nigeria. 


We thank God for the progress we’ve made so far on our on-going workshop construction by erecting the Gate House - about to be decked, so we can begin the drilling of the funded water well at the facility and move in our various equipment and vehicles that are in unfortunately parked or left in adverse or unprotected rented places. 

Our renovated Schramm 64 Rig that has been up for sales has also had a drive cable stolen from it for lack of security personnel in the workshop where it is parked.


Other positive ministry activities include the provision of food and supplies to 4 Orphanages - 3 in India and 1 in Nigeria on a monthly basis since the beginning of this year. Each orphanage got anywhere from $150 to $350 per month, depending on their most pressing needs; and the number of widows and homeless seniors the help.


Finally, with precautions, about COVID-19 being observed, we have also conducted a minimum of 2 well sites visits each month for water sanitation and hygiene training with gospel proclamation and discipleship opportunities as we work with local area Churches for Evangelism mobilization.


We could NOT have done any of these things without your overwhelming generosity during this pandemic. We are so thankful for your generous support and the blessing you’ve been to literally 1000s of the poor and needy that are clearly not forgotten according to God’s words in Psalm 9:18. 


As we near the end of the year 2020, would you help us finish strong by helping us meet the following outstanding needs:

  1. Complete the roofing of Orphanage 2 - $750

  2. Build a covered parking for our Rigs, Water truck, mud pumps, generator, tools and drill pipes - with an estimated cost: $5000.

  3. Provide for our Field staff of 15 and their families for Christmas- at about: $1500

  4. Provide and deliver Operations Christmas Gift Boxes with money to the 150 orphans and 60 widows we minister to in India and Nigeria: $2000 is the budget which means our target is $500 per Orphanage site. 

  5. Complete 2 Shallow wells in Aba area and 1 more deep wells in Imo State, and 1 in BENUE. 

  6. Payoff our office rent balance for 2020 of $1200 by Dec. 15, 2020. 


Please pray about what the Lord would have you give as we all celebrate Thanksgiving.

Give generously as unto the Lord; yes- give whatever you may be able to afford to help us finish well in 2020 - a certainly very challenging year!


In any case - please let me know how you'd like to help. Text me what you decide to give or contribute, including in-kind gifts are welcome. 

All gifts or contributions are tax-deductible under the the IRS 501(c)(3) code. 


Looking forward to your continued support. Great grace and peace. 


Dr. A. Sunny Okorie 


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