Next to oxygen is money, then water.

While air is free, oxygen (high quality air) is not!!


Why must we teach the poor to pay for water use?

In sub-Saharan Africa - dirty water can free and scarce... but not clean safe water.


If the rural poor can afford mobile phones and frequent recharges, why can't they afford to pay for water use - especially in Sub-Saharan Africa?


Your comments or views appreciated as we advocate for Water Metering as our next big innovative step to help end the water crisis and deliver safe and sanitary water to homes.


Are cell phones more important than water?

Absolutely not!!


I'm thinking about the global impact of mobile phones and the transformations it has brought to Africa and Nigeria with respect to how we communicate almost instantly these days... and how we can change the mind set that water delivery should remain free, especially in poor rural villages?

Yet many of these rural poor own cell phones and still manage to buy by recharge cards for cell phone credits for talk time or Internet and Facebook access?


Here's a few stats to consider:

World population of cell phones to people in 2017 is: 4.77 B cells to 7.5 B people or population.

USA 327.5 m cells to 318 m people - pay water bills

China 1.32 B cells to 1.37 B people - pay for water use

India 1.13 B cells to 1.28 B people - pay for water in many parts since 2015

Nigeria 167.4 m cells to 177.2 m people

South Africa 59.4 m cells to 50.6 m people

Kenya 28.1 m cells to 42 m people

Ethiopia 18 m cells to 85 m people

Cuba 1.3 m cells to 11.2 m people - they pay tariff for water use since 1997.

To learn more: https://goo.gl/SW1xgM


I'm advocating water metering to bring transformations to African countries through public - private sector partnerships with NGOs like Relief Network Min. and Living Water International.

What's your thought - as we consider new innovative ways for this heroic mission of scale to end the water crisis by 2035.

Christians sacrifice to provide clean safe water & the Word (living water) in demonstration of the love of Christ to the needy poor. But when a well breaks down after the big investments from the drilling; the users (community) should pay to rehabilitate it by paying something in advance of the breakdown... and so, we must begin water metering - a PAYGU (Pay As You Use) system to correct our strategy towards ultimate water access for all by 2035.

Share your comments and views - write us a feedback.

+ Disease Transmission

+ Waste Disposal

+ Keeping water containers clean

+ Washing hands before eating

+ Good hygiene behaviors

+ Washing with running water

+ Using toilets or latrines

+ Clean hands, clean hearts

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