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Pre-Event:  2024 WALK 4 WATER


AT Premier Martial Arts School - 3455 Gulf Fwy S, Dickinson, TX 77539.


Come join us and walk 2 miles round trip - you will be making a big difference as you impact the lives of thousands with no access to safe drinking water in West Africa - Nigeria and Niger Republic; and some parts of South India.


The event help us drill new water wells, repair some damaged existing wells, & help provide food & supplies to the 5 orphanages we support.

Fundraise as a team captain for any of these dollar goals: $100, $250, $500, $1000, $2500, $5000, $10,000, or Other $ amount.


On the right pane of this page is a photo grid that you may review and download any pictures you like in particular photos where you appear during a previous Walk for Water event. Please share them with others and the experience or stories from the Walk that resonates well with you.


Please take a moment to consider partnering with us further by doing one or more of the following:

  1. Committing to a small monthly donation of $29 to keep the water flowing by giving 12 families of 5 water for 12 months. That is $348/per year for 60 humans or $5.80 per person per year.

  2. Donate $1500 perhaps to Rehabilitate a damaged community or School water well. You may choose to donate in 12 equal installments of $125 per month

  3. Donate $3500 to $5500 to help us drill a new well in a School or Church Community compound or village square 

  4. With $5000, you could Sponsor a GALA DINNER TABLE for 6 on October 24TH, plus provide 20 Sewing machines with 10 Water Access Points for the next set of 10 indigent students in our Indian Dress-Making School to empower women to begin making a living for their families. 

  5. For $1000, buy a GALA DINNER TABLE for either your 6 guests or 4-6 persons that we may invite on your behalf such as our City Officials, Community or Political leaders & their families that we could invite to join our Anniversary Celebrations



Come have some fun with family and friends - exercise your body and walk for a cause to save lives.

VENUE: MARRIOT HOTEL BY HOBBY AIRPORT - 9100 Gulf FWY, Houston, TX 77017, OR Call if you have any question about the event: 832-692-6348; or RNM Office at 281-535-3553.



Water 💦 is Foundational to Health, Learning, and economic development.


Drinking dirty or unsafe water makes people sick, especially children are most vulnerable to water-borne diseases.


After drilling new wells, we monitor them over a number of years to ensure sustainability, care, and management transition to communities and school or Church institutions that host them.

As part of our Operations for sustainability, we conduct routine visits - done by our WASH teams to previous projects. During the visits, they assess water quality, obtain stories about how the projects are serving the communities; and review hygiene lessons to see how much of it has been learned - they look for behavior changes and the impact on the users, especially, the kids in the schools and communities/church institutions where we serve.


Since 2001 - RNM has drilled, co-sponsored and rehabilitated about 1268 well projects in Nigeria, Niger, Ghana, and Sierra Leone that serves over 2m people.

It is encouraging to see happy healthy kids in many of the schools and other projects that are as old as 12-15 years still running. As they monitor behavior changes during some hygiene lessons like “Clean hands, clean hearts ♥️” they connect with many of the beneficiaries' and donors' love and interests alike, through the good news of Christ the Living Water.

Excited to invite you to raise funds for a new pump, a good rehab, or new wells ranging from $500 to $2500 and on... to $5500 or $7500 for deep wells.

A DIFFERENCE - Join Us for Walk 4 Water:
April 27Th, 2024

Gala - Thursday, October 24th, 2024

Partner & Volunteer Recognition Awards 

The recognition and prestige of being a Relief Advocate - one that champions the cause, puts our volunteers in great lights in social and religious circles as geniune humanitarians and true philanthropists.

For partners and volunteers who make it to mission trip, or participate in lead role in local fundraising drives that generte over $5,000 in revenues and gifts, you become recognized at our next Annual Gala as a Relief Ambassdor.


To Fundraise and achieve your Relief Ambassador recognition at the next November Gala share the "Donate" button link above and have your friends and family select or use the Special Projects menu option to make their donation. 

Other Reasons for Safe Water

Clean Water helps prevent abdominal worms in children and the adverse impact on their growth and development. We walk so they don't have to fetch unsafe dirty river water anymore for domestic uses. We walk so that kids can go to school and learn; we walk 1 day a year so that kids and moms can stop walking for days and hours fetching unsafe water. We walk so they can grow some food and vegetables near home all year round and be able to water their gardens - that's food security, and poverty reduction.

Safe water is just the beginning!


Be a Water Relief Ambassador or advocate.

RNM will occasionally award some special certificate or plaques of recognition for outstanding contributions from partners / volunteers or give token gifts in appreciation of committed partner / volunteer support.

Above all, we believe the greatest reward can only be given by the Lord we serve or labor to honor. Heb.6:10; and that " whom much is given, much is also required" Luke 12:48

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