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Al Garza-Ashley Flippin well project

Drilled Jan. 28, Dedicated Feb. 11, 2024

Wells Of India

Giving so much love, inducing so much happiness & smiles!

New deep well drilled in DARISAPADU Village in Andhra Pradesh State of India to provide access to clean safe domestic water compared to unsafe and irregular water they used to get through contaminated pipeline and holding tank that used to make them sick often. The well will serve over 1000 members of this village community and is hosted by a Church plant in that village. Dedicated to the DARISAPADU village community by Relief Network Ministries in loving memory of Ashley Garza-Flippin and sponsored by our Walk for Water partners of many years - The Al Garza Premier Martial Arts in Dickinson & League City, Texas.

Our reps shared the good news of Christ the living water and gave out some Bibles to those interested in reading it as well as some sarees to a few women at the event.

INDIA - New Well Completed.

SIDHANTHAM Village just got a new water well drilled and dedicated or commissioned this week for the good health & hygiene of the people of this village in Andhra Pradesh State.

The well hosted by a local Church and will serve some 500 persons in this village with their animals.

RNM and the happy beneficiaries are grateful for the generosity of the sponsors - Maurice & Kristen Mock. The project is also done in honor of Moe’s Daddy - his best friend.

That blesses my heart to know that we do have a few children (men & women) that honor their parents and in obedience to the holy scriptures - the only commandment with a promise- “…that your days may be long on earth!”

Excited about RNM Dedicating another Rehab well in India this week.

MARLAGUDEM Church Community in Andhra Pradesh is the beneficiary of this well rehabilitation project that serves over 1800 persons plus their animals. This well broke down for about 3 years forcing the people of this church community to go farther for water or wait for electricity to collect some scanty water that comes through a public water pipeline in trickles.

With the rehab done the people are now happy to find safe water readily within their reach and convenience daily with no further need to walk over a mile looking for domestic water.

This well project is dedicated in Memory of our dear friend, brother and partner - David L. Bernard and sponsored by his widow Sis. Meriel Bernhard (of Portland, Oregon), former owners of the Helen Bernard Bakery in the Rose City - Portland, Oregon. During my first missionary journey to the USA, back in the mid “70s the Bernhards was my host family and helped RNM purchase its first rig - the LS 200 used in drilling our fist 35 new wells between 2003-2008 in Nigeria . Many thanks to the Bernhards for their continued generosity and their legacy of love for the great commission- God’s redemptive love story about Christ the living water.

To God be all the glory.

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