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Join Our New Year Prayer Uplift Call In

Join me for the New Year Prayer Uplift by 9-10 PM Monday Night

We pray declarative prayers to speak boldly and by faith - those things that be not into existence in 2019 for:

  1. Our Closer Walk with the Lord - individually - Psalm 27:4-ff,

  2. For our families - to be closely connected to the Lord, and rightly related to one another - with all bitterness and unforgiveness done away with (in obedience to the Lord's Prayer - "forgive us as we forgive those that have trespassed against us") John 15:7-20; I John 4:20 - loving your brother that you is proof you love the unseen God.

  3. For our businesses / jobs and people we work with - achieving more through unity of purpose - Psalm 90:7 - May the favor of our God rest upon us and bless (establish) the works of our hands - that's success!

  4. For Relief Network Ministries - work in West Africa and India - for God to place more resources into our hands to serve Him at scale that reach millions, not just thousands anymore... with volunteers and donors from all over the world - as we also proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ - the Living Water.

  • That we may learn to "have pity on the poor as we lend indeed to the Lord - who repays 30, 60, 100 fold over" Prov. 19:17;

  • Matthew 25:35-40 - "...true ministry to the least of these - those unable to treat us the same way... is a legacy unto the Lord, and a testimony from an alter of Praise to the generations to come"

Call in to begin a brief Worship Time before prayers with us about 8:50 PM

Conference Call Details:

Free-conferences Dial-In No. is: 319-527-3510

Participant Code or PIN: 851473#

A. Sunny Okorie, Ph.D., PMP

Email:; Cell: 832-385-3229;

Ofc Phone: 281-535-3553; Fax: +1-866-587-2032

Favorite Charities:;, and

Blessed are the flexible for they shall not be bent out of proportion

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