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Relief Network Ministries, Inc. WaterRelief - is about Safe Water, Medical Aid, & Job Skills for the poor & needy.

About 620m people in the world today have no access to safe domestic water. And some 1.6 billion have no access to sanitary toilets with running water, and do practice open deification.

RNM was founded April 2001 to provide donors, volunteers, & advocates a platform to tackle the water crisis together as we bring access to safe water, sanitation hygiene with the gospel - along with medical relief, and job skills to the poor and needy- Psalm 9:18. Our vision is to help make water crisis history by 2035.

Partner with RNM to make a bigger impact with your charitable gifts
Partner To Make an impact with your charitable gifts

Beginning with our first project in Nigeria during the Summer of 2001, we've since executed well drilling & rehabilitation projects in Sierra Leone, Niger Republic, Ghana, and India where we also support 3 additional orphanages and outreach to widows since 2015. We develop people locally to handle our projects with "know how" as part of the job skills empowerment and technology transfer vision.

To date, RNM and it's partners in these countries have completed some 1260 water well projects (new and rehabs), conducted or co-sponsored some 15 medical mission outreaches, delivered food, clothings and other relief materials to orphanages, displaced refugee populations, and those impacted by flood disasters.

Below is a short list of requested projects that are waiting to be funded in case you'd like to partner with us as a donor or well sponsor. People sponsor projects for various reasons - such as dedicating a church, school, or community well in memory or to honor of a loved one, and to celebrate a special anniversary, or birthdays.


New Well Project Proposals

  1. ORLU Market & Motor Park - deep 400 ft. well, to serve some 3500 people Est. Price $5000

  2. IDEATO Community deep 650 ft. well for 2500 people, Est. price $6500

  3. UTALI Community deep 600 ft. well for 3000 people, Est. price $6000

  4. EZIMBA-EZIKE Community deep 350 ft. deep well for 2000 people, Est. $4000

  5. Three Shallow Wells at approx. 200-250 ft in ABA area, Abia State each serving approx. 2000-2500 persons with ESt. Price of $2500-$3000 (includes pump installation & above ground base tanks).

Each of the above deep well projects are in very difficult formations and rural or semi-rural communities with poor road access for heavy drilling rigs required to do the job. The price estimates include geophysical survey or water finding exploration with our "River F" underground water detector. The shallow well projects are in less difficult areas that are more predictable to drill. Our local team or contractor partners have substantial experience drilling in those areas.

Rehab Wells & WASH Well Site Visits

About 6 new Rehab projects exist in schools, churches, and communities to help them fix their broken wells.

  • These have price est. between $1200 and $1300 each, and these sites serve about 1000-2000 persons.

  • Well Site Visits: 2 per month @ $150 ea.: includes sanitation-hygiene training, & water quality test.


Other Program Needs

Other program needs include monthly food & supplies to the 3 Orphanages in India and 2 in Nigeria. Job Skills training & medical outreach are done with other partners once a year or every other year. If you're interested in partnering with us to sponsor a project or part of our program, InBox me at; or You can also leave us a comment or feedback as you follow us on social media. Please check out other related blog posts, and visit our websites to learn more.

To read a short version of the founder's story, or learn more about the birth of Relief Networks click here.

Dr. A Sunny Okorie (AsoRocks)


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